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The best cleaning company in Doha Qatar! We are also an agency for providing monthly housemaid in Qatar. Your ideal company for all your reliable janitorial services!! Please check out below links to know about us in detail.


Sandhill Cleaning is a first-rate cleaning company with over 2 years of experience in janitorial and commercial cleaning service in Doha Qatar. We are proud to be the best cleaning contractors in Doha Qatar since 2014. >> read more


We strive our level best to keep up your expectations about us. Committed to be a high quality service provider, we promise to be your best cleaning company to take care of all your cleaning needs in Doha Qatar. >>read more


At Sandhill Cleaning, we do offer vivid range of cleaning services for cleaning schools, villas, apartments, medical and healthcare facilities, professional office spaces and supermarkets.   >>read more


We love to hear from you.. Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear about your Sandhill experience and are happy to answer any questions. Please submit your queries here.

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What does it mean that we provide you with tips and tricks of cleaning? Well, it is more than business. We also have a social commitment to share our experience with you, which may help you understand better about keeping the environment clean. There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so great.

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We provide high quality and reliable janitorial service for companies just like yours. From restrooms to boardrooms, our office cleaning services keep your property — and your image — spotless. Focus on your core business and put our experience to work for you. Call +974 55 1 55 007.

Best cleaning company in Qatar

Our Detail-Clean Rotation System ensures that our work is always high quality. You simply can't underestimate the power of a good clean - but who has time for it? Focus on the things that matter most to you, and let us take care of the cleaning.

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These are simply our detail-clean services, performed on a rotating basis in addition to our regular services in order to ensure a complete and thorough clean at all times. Our employees are fully-trained in all of these tasks to ensure adherence to quality standards.

apartment cleaners

Our services are available weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-time. On every visit, our team dusts, vacuums, washes and sanitizes each room. Using our equipment and specially formulated products, they clean from left to right, top to bottom, so no detail is overlooked.

apartment cleaning

You've got things to do that are more important than cleaning a messy house. Let us take care of it! Our team of experts provides trustworthy, high-quality cleaning services. You can have full confidence and peace of mind in choosing us.

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